Our Approach

Our mission is to bring to the local consumer the best product we can provide, in as natural an environment as is in our control.  All our ranch products are as natural as intended by the creator to bring the highest quality possible to our customers.

Our Story

Long, long ago and far away... wait, that is another story.  Our military family has long had deep roots in this country from the family farm and cucumber fields of Massachusetts, to the huge family gardens of Harry Truman's birth state, we have dreamed of having our own piece of land.  The timing was right for us a few years after service to our Country was completed.  Sustainability, caring for native species, championing the little underdogs, and living cleanly became our mission.  We hope you will follow us on this journey.

Meet the Tangled R Team

 We are a hard working team developing the highest quality, natural,  sustained ranch products in the intention of our creator.

Apiary Work Day


Founder & Co-Owner

Mother of bees, first & last of her name, planter of trees, hunter of weeds, chaser of fishes, part-time cat herder.



Ranchman & Co-Owner

Tool gatherer, digger of holes, pruner of trees, maker and breaker of equipment, the muscle behind the madness, Semper Fidelis.


Ranch Alerts

Worker Bees

The children are grown, fur remains, worker bees not so much, loafers needing regular herding they bee.

Next Steps...

Explore our site.  Enjoy our pictures, some by us and some captured for education purposes.  Ask questions if you want to know more.