From the Hives

The Apiary

Seasonally, after very careful apiary management practices, we may have an excess of this amazing honey for sale.  In 2017 we had approximately 25 pounds.  To some that is minuscule, to our bees that is a great deal to share!  As we expand our apiary, we may find we have more to share for sale.  Please understand that we reserve the bees portion first and foremost, then the surplus is for sale to assist us in maintaining and sustaining the grounds for the apiary.  We planted 180 saplings in 2016, and so many flats of native plants in 2017, we stopped counting.  2018 proved a challenging year for the bees as well as the caretakers, Spring was not kind, nor was the subsequent drought.  We had to make a conscious choice to leave the bees all the stores for the year.  2019 is looking to be a good year so far!  The honey fund supports the habitat project, so thank YOU if you bought honey.